The Vadym Stolar Foundation launched an educational project for mothers

The Vadym Stolar Foundation launched an educational project for mothers

The Vadym Stolar Foundation launched an educational project for mothers

Team of The Vadym Stolar Foundation launched the "Course about children - for mothers". An expert talks about the peculiarities of raising children at different ages (from birth to adolescence) every week in the format of live broadcasts on the Foundation's YouTube channel. This is stated on the charity organization's website.

Thanks to the practical recommendations received during the course, mothers will be able to understand their children more easily, realize the causes of conflicts and learn to prevent their consequences, create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance in the family, and also learn to recognize their emotions and regulate them.

“Our goal is to create a community of mothers in a friendly atmosphere where they can talk, ask questions and get expert advice. A qualified child psychologist and our resident expert Iana Kobets will be the guide on this educational journey every week. Thanks to live broadcasts on our YouTube channel, she delves into the intricacies of raising children at various stages - from their first breath to the transformative teenage years," volunteers explain.

"Each stage of a child's life is a new challenge. Understanding how a child's psyche is formed and how we should respond to these changes makes our parenting journey much easier and allows to enjoy going through every age of your child," adds Mrs. Kobets.

In addition to weekly video lectures, the website of the Foundation presents text materials. All of them are already available for viewing absolutely free from any corner of the planet. The course is currently ongoing and new materials will be added as it progresses.

The educational "Course about children - for mothers" became a part of the "Psychological support" project, in which professional psychologists provide group and individual consultations to Ukrainians who suffered from military actions.

The founder of the Foundation Vadym Stolar states: "We are convinced that emotionally healthy and strong-spirited citizens are the key to the country's development, so we pay special attention to psychological support and rehabilitation of Ukrainians who suffered from the war. We are developing the "Recover" project, a targeted grant program, a psychological consultation project, and now we are launching a specialized educational course that helps mothers better understand their children and help them".

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