About the Fund

About the Fund

We care about Ukrainians in the rear and at the front. Support of the Armed Forces, humanitarian assistance to certain privileged categories of citizens, projects of social direction.
People who help


People who help
The Vadym Stolar Charitable Foundation was created in early 2020 to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. From the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Foundation expanded its activities and immediately joined the help of Ukrainian defenders and citizens with a strong volunteer front.
The priority areas of the Fund are assistance to the military and support of the population in the rear, implementation of social projects for psychological support and psycho-emotional recovery. We provide defenders with armored cars, SUVs and other equipment, equipment and medicines; civilians - food kits.
The strategic goal of the Vadym Stolar Foundation is long-term assistance and support aimed at people affected by hostilities. These include improving their lives, psychological rehabilitation and support for children in families who lost a father or mother due to the war, creating conditions for increasing the level of well-being and restoring the mental health of citizens.
The Fund primarily helps internally displaced persons, families of fallen heroes and those who lost their homes as a result of the war.
In 2022, the Charitable Fund provided Ukrainians 613 980 portions of hot food, 207 800 food sets, 184 790 l of fuel, 81 110 units of medication, 28 610 units of military equipment, tools and clothing, 15 thousand. humanitarian aid units, 244 units of quadcopters, thermal imagers and video cameras, 21 a unit of specialized SUVs and armored vehicles.
In total, in 2022, the Fund provided assistance to citizens for 229 UAH million. In the future, we will only multiply these statistics and create new support projects for Ukrainians.

Fund reporting

613 980

servings of hot food were given to the civilian population and the army

15 000 t

food kits were distributed to citizens throughout Ukraine


units of quadcopters, thermal imagers, video cameras, anti-drone systems and other high-tech equipment were purchased for the Armed Forces

48 510

units of military equipment, tools and clothing were purchased for the Armed Forces


of Ukrainians became participants in the psychological recovery project "Recover"


SUVs and armored cars were transferred to the front line and medical facilities

In general, during the year of the war, the Foundation and its founder provided assistance to Ukrainians

for UAH 536 million

What we do
Search, deliver and provide units with everything necessary for the effective destruction of the enemy.