The result of the Foundation's humanitarian mission

The result of the Foundation's humanitarian mission

The result of the Foundation's humanitarian mission

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the city of Sumy was one of the first to feel the occupiers' rampant aggression.

Its inhabitants courageously repelled the enemy, not allowing him to pass deep into our country. The city received and continues to receive people from the border regions who suffer from regular shelling by the enemy. The residents of Sumy and those who took advantage of their care and received shelter in the city need our help very much. And we couldn't help responding to this request!

Volunteers of the Vadym Stolar Charitable Foundation recently visited Sumy with a humanitarian mission. And food aid was delivered to the city.

We distributed food kits to those who needed support the most: people who faced the grief of losing their loved ones in the war, families who were left homeless as a result of hostilities, and internally displaced persons.

Helping people who need it most is one of the priority areas of activity of the Vadym Stolar Charitable Foundation. Our humanitarian missions have already been implemented in Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and now in Sumy. But we strive not to stop and are already planning our next trips.

"Product aid" is one of the most priority projects of the Vadym Stolar Foundation, within the scope of which we go to different corners of Ukraine with humanitarian missions and provide the most necessary support to the affected Ukrainians.

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