Reconnaissance and sabotage group "Adam" received sets of equipment

Reconnaissance and sabotage group "Adam" received sets of equipment

Reconnaissance and sabotage group "Adam" received sets of equipment

While Ben Wallace worries that Ukrainians are not very grateful for military aid, our defenders always express their gratitude to volunteers and foundations that systematically support them with necessary equipment.

Recently, the soldiers of the reconnaissance and sabotage group "Adam" within the framework of the "++ for the Armed Forces" project received sets of high-quality summer equipment.

The "++ for the Armed Forces" project is our gratitude to the Ukrainian defenders for their daily struggle and boundless courage.


Our project "++ for the Armed Forces" is an unlimited contribution to the victory of Ukraine, to strengthen the power of our army and help our soldiers with cars, equipment, gadgets and rehabilitation programs. We dream of constantly hearing from the military ++ (plus plus) or “4.5.0.”. This means that everything is calm for them. Well, we will do everything we can for this.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the Foundation has handed over 30,910 units of military equipment, tools and clothing, 244 units of quadcopters, thermal imagers and video cameras, 21 units of specialized off-road vehicles and armored vehicles to the defenders.

In particular, at the request of defenders, we purchased the necessary equipment for military units: A7103, A1736, A2573, A4456 - a unit of special operations forces, A4010, A7040, A1126, A4790, 4081. This list is systematically updated and supplemented.

Among the aid provided are apartments, SUVs and armored cars, special ambulances for military hospitals, equipped with everything necessary, winter equipment, thermal imagers and radio stations, quadcopters and other special equipment for combat missions that will help the Armed Forces destroy the enemy in hot spots.

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