Interview of Nataliya Prykhodko of Live TV channel

Interview of Nataliya Prykhodko of Live TV channel


Recently, our main volunteer of the Foundation - Nataliya Prykhodko - gave an interview to the Live TV channel. She spoke about important aspects and directions of the Foundation's work.

"We have priority directions, but we try to help everyone. At the beginning of the war, it was the Kyiv region, especially those villages that were under occupation and needed help. We collected food kits and medicines and sent them there. Now we help forcibly displaced persons in throughout Ukraine, - Nataliya Prykhodko explained. But we are focused not only on material help to people, but also on psychological help. By implementing projects for the psychological rehabilitation of the population, we realized how important it is to support Ukrainians morally."

Vadym Stolar's charitable foundation also actively helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular by donating armored cars, drones, thermal imagers, etc. to the needs of the military.

In her opinion, right now it is important not to stop and continue to do what our people are asking for 24/7. Go and watch the interview with Natalia at the link:

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