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Tactical medicine

Tactical medicine

Educational and practical course of the Foundation for obtaining useful skills in tactical medicine, which can save lives.

We live in times when it is almost impossible to predict anything, so knowledge of tactical medicine is a basic foundation that everyone needs. This knowledge saves lives. That is why we launched a free educational and practical course on tactical medicine, within which we systematically conduct training for civilians.

The tactical medicine project is implemented in cooperation with the International European University.

The three-hour course is taught by qualified trainers with many years of experience in providing medical care. Attendees study the algorithm of actions during first aid, identification of dangerous factors that threaten life, actions to stop bleeding, etc. In addition, the stages of tactical combat assistance, the principles of providing medical assistance under fire and during the evacuation stages are considered.

In particular, we have already conducted trainings for critical infrastructure workers, heads of security points and employees of district state administrations. Our course for teenagers is currently gaining momentum.

Upon completion of training, all participants will receive certificates of international standard, and most importantly, important skills for wartime.

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