Ultrasound of mammary glands for IDP women
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Ultrasound of mammary glands for IDP women

Women's health care project of forcibly resettled women.

Ultrasound of mammary glands for IDP women

Our team once again reminds all women that it is important to take care of yourself, especially in the conditions of war! Thanks to partner cooperation with a leading clinic in the capital, within the project, free ultrasound of the mammary glands was successfully performed for displaced women.

Thanks to the passed examination, it was possible to identify the alarm bells of the female body, so our wards already know what they encountered during the diagnosis and what to do next.
Thanks to the project dedicated to the All-Ukrainian Day of Fighting Breast Cancer, our team played 30 ultrasound examinations.

As part of this project, IDP women were examined and received recommendations regarding their health.

As a result: 29 women are almost healthy and received further recommendations, and this check-up will enable one woman to overcome a serious disease, because timely diagnosis increases the chances of recovery! After all, if she is informed, then she is armed!

We are glad that our IDP female wards entrusted their health to the specialists of the leading clinic in the capital. Know that we are always there and worried about you. Thank you for your trust!

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