Project "Legal Advice"
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Project "Legal Advice"

If you or your acquaintances need professional legal assistance, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer of our Charitable Foundation with questions and a description of problematic situations.

Project "Legal Advice"

Constant updates of the legislative framework and innovations sometimes confuse already vulnerable sections of the population even more. We decided to correct this - and introduced the "Legal Advice" project, within which you will be able to get free qualified legal advice on your specific issue without personal meetings.

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Our specialist analyzes private cases regarding the calculation of combat payments, obtaining UBD certificates or the status of members of fallen defenders, procedures for searching for missing persons, issuing social benefits for IDPs, etc.

If you have a need and cannot understand the articles of the Law of Ukraine, resolutions and by-laws on your own, send your question to us by mail or Google form. And don't forget to leave your contact details.

The column of video advice for IDPs from the lawyer of our Foundation, Kristina Prykhodko

· Who has the right to serve summonses and on the basis of which documents?  The answer to this question is provided by the lawyer of our Foundation, Kristina Prykhodko. Watch here.

· We continue the series of video tips explaining the intricacies of the new law on mobilization. See in detail here.

· Kristina Prykhodko is starting a series of video tips in which she will explain the intricacies and nuances of the new law on mobilization and the process of updating data for citizens of Ukraine. Review.

· Features of the procedure for continuation of payments for different categories of internally displaced persons. Watch.

· Our lawyer talks about the criteria, the presence of which will allow continuation of payments for the family based on the relevant application. Watch.

· The changes will take effect on March 1, 2024. More details.

· Changes concerning payments of assistance to IDPs from March 1, 2024. Namely, categories of IDPs whose payments will be extended automatically. More details.

Who among the internally displaced persons is entitled to the extension of the IDP's housing payments. More details.

· The possibility of appealing the refusal to pay IDP aid. More details.

· In this video, Christina provides information on which IDPs are eligible for continued benefits from February 1, 2024. More details.

Under what conditions will you be able to receive aid from the IDP category again? More details.

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