Grants for social support and assistance to military personnel and citizens affected by the war
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Grants for social support and assistance to military personnel and citizens affected by the war

Grants for social support and assistance to military personnel and citizens affected by the war

The Vadym Stolar Charitable Foundation is launching a grant program for the implementation of projects to support the military and Ukrainians affected by the war.



If you have an idea of ​​social significance that coincides with the Foundation's goal, fill out an application for participation in the selection of a grant program! We are committed to providing funding for community service projects that will help our defenders and citizens during this difficult time.


The charitable organization "VADIM STOLAR" Charitable Foundation (hereinafter - the Foundation) initiates the financing of projects by providing charitable grants, the purpose of which is social support and assistance to military personnel and citizens affected by the war, namely in the following directions:

· crisis psychological assistance and support for military personnel who directly participated in measures to repel the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, citizens who suffered as a result of the war;

opening of rehabilitation centers, offices for the physical and psychological recovery of soldiers who were wounded or otherwise injured, which led to limitation of vital activities and health;

·  social support for citizens who suffered as a result of the war through the implementation of food aid projects, medicines and basic necessities.



If you have ideas for implementation or ongoing projects in the areas of social support and assistance to military personnel and citizens affected by the war, the Foundation provides an opportunity to receive a grant in the amount of 1 million hryvnias.

Financing is carried out in one or several tranches, depending on the stage of implementation of your project and the proposed idea.

Expenses that are inadmissible within the framework of the project:

1. To cover salaries.

2. Administrative expenses (business trips, expenses related to the activities of organizations and not related to the direction of the project activity specified in the grant application).

3. Projects of a commercial nature.

4. Other expenses recognized by the Fund as inappropriate due to their lack of connection with the planned activities and the purpose of the project.



The Foundation provides financial support to:

non-profit organizations registered on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the legislation and entered in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations, namely: charitable, public organizations, including other associations, charitable foundations and international charitable foundations officially registered on the territory of Ukraine.
Together with the completed application and the project budget, the participant must send electronically copies of the following documents:

an extract from the Unified State Register;
decision on inclusion in the Register of non-profit organizations;
current extract from the Unified State Register;
protocol (decision) on the appointment of a manager.
bank account details of a legal entity (or with a separate account opened for the project in case the project has already been started);


1. Fill out the application in Ukrainian in the form proposed by the Foundation using the link,

which should contain the following components:

- project idea and its justification;

- description of project implementation steps;

- time frames for project implementation;

- command (if available) or information about its creation;

Applications will be accepted within thirty calendar days after the announcement of the beginning of the grant project. The Fund will not accept any applications after the specified deadline. Announcements about the details of the grant project can be found on the official pages in social networks and the website of the Foundation.

2. Fill out the project budget in the form proposed by the Foundation using the link.



To participate in the project, you need to send the application, budget and other necessary documents, which are indicated above, to the email address [email protected].

Applications are constantly reviewed. You will find out whether you have passed thirty calendar days after the end of accepting applications for the grant project.



The social importance of the project.

The criterion involves an analysis of the relevance of the stated problem within the scope of the project, a justification of ways to solve the problem at the expense of the grant.

The project idea and its implementation.

The criterion contains an analysis of the viability of the project idea and the stages of its implementation. Analysis of the sequence of proposed actions.

·  Expected results.

The fund analyzes the expected short-term and long-term results of the project, the possible effect of the project upon completion of grant funding.

· Budget.

The criterion includes an assessment of the compliance of the budget articles with the set goals and an assessment of the expediency of expenses, the distribution of the budget according to planned expenses, the presentation of one's own contribution and other sources of financing.

·  Organizational capacity and experience.

Analysis of activity and experience in the implementation of similar or other projects.



The Fund announces the total number of project applications received on its own official resources (website, social media pages) within two days after the end of accepting applications.

Applications will be considered for thirty calendar days.

The Foundation provides information or comments on the process of consideration and evaluation of applications before the established date of announcing the results of the competition only on its own official resources (website, social media pages).

In individual communication with applicants, the Foundation does not provide information about the grant evaluation process before the official announcement of the results.



The Fund will not be able to provide you with individual feedback and explain why your application was not selected.

If your application is successful, we will invite you to an interview.



The applicant who won the grant receives a charitable donation from the Fund in the form of funds to finance the implementation of specific project goals, for which an appropriate contract is concluded between the Fund and the Grant Winner.

Targeted use of funds is determined by the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine and the terms of the contract, the approved project budget, as well as the provision of reliable and verified reporting on their use.

The grant winner uses the received funds to finance the expenses related to the implementation of the project, provided that these expenses are justified, foreseen or allowed in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

Expenses that:

1. Specified in the project budget. In the event that during the implementation of the project, the grantor discovered that the expenses for certain items exceed the amounts of the budget items, before making such expenses, he must contact the Fund with a letter about making changes to the project budget.

2. Actually incurred (i.e. paid), not planned.

3. Incurred during the term of the Agreement, provided that they are directly related to this Agreement.

4. Confirmed by primary documentation in accordance with current legislation and the requirements of the Agreement, and can be determined and verified.

If there is a balance of unspent grant funds after approval of the financial statements based on the results of project implementation, the Grant Winner is obliged to return this balance to the Fund's account.

Project monitoring and financial reporting.

Interim financial statements for the project are provided by the Grant Winner after the implementation of each stage of the project to monitor the implementation of the project, and the final financial statement is provided after the completion of the project.

The Fund monitors the implementation of the project and has the right, if there is only one stage of its implementation, at any time to ask the Grant Winner to provide interim financial reporting.

To monitor the implementation of the project, the grant winner is obliged to provide the Fund, in particular, but not exclusively:

1. A scanned copy of the bank statement from the project account;

2. Scanned copies of documents confirming expenses (contracts, invoices, expense invoices, acts of acceptance and transfer, etc.).

To prepare the final financial report, the Foundation provides the grant winner with a form for drawing up a financial report.

The financial report consists of a completed reporting form and scanned copies of primary documents confirming expenses.

The financial report is provided by the Grant Winner within a month of the project completion.

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