The spark of childhood
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The spark of childhood

"Light of Childhood" is a festive project of the Vadym Stolar Foundation, the purpose of which is to create a New Year's mood for children of privileged categories and deliver New Year's gifts to them.

The spark of childhood

Children from the front-line cities received gifts from The Vadym Stolar Foundation as part of the "Light of Childhood" project

The Vadym Stolar Foundation visited front-line cities with the "Light of Childhood" holiday project. Within the framework of the project, children were congratulated and presented with gifts. This event is being held for the second year in a row, according to the Foundation's website.


The "Light of Childhood" project was launched last December, and its purpose was to support children and create a festive mood for them against the background of constant shelling of the energy infrastructure and protracted blackouts. Benefactors joined the initiative and bought useful and interesting gifts for children, and The Vadym Stolar Foundation supplemented the sets with toys and sweets and sent more than 1,000 packages to the recipients. Decided to repeat the campaign this year, but in a different format.

"Even in this difficult time, children should have childhood, they should play, receive sweets on holidays, have fun. So we decided to continue last year's "Light of Childhood" project, warming children's hearts, but make it more interactive. With the Foundation's team, we bought and packed sweet gifts and went to the regions of Ukraine that suffer the most from shelling and the consequences of the war, where we organized a small holiday for children. We visited Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia, and were happy to see children's sincere smiles and cheerful laughter everywhere," Foundation volunteer Nataliia Prykhodko said.

Gifts for the holidays were received by children from families cared for by The Vadym Stolar Foundation: IDPs, families of fallen heroes, as well as those who lost loved ones or homes due to the war.

"Children know how to sincerely rejoice at Christmas and New Year's miracles and we try to make these miracles happen. Because today they are especially needed. Both for children and for us adults", Vadym Stolar said.

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