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Project "Recover"

Project "Recover"

A large-scale project of emotional restoration and psychological rehabilitation of families in which one of the parents was taken away by the war, as well as those who lost their homes.

"Recover" is a large-scale social project of the Vadym Stolar Foundation, within which war-affected families with children undergo a program of emotional recovery and rehabilitation in the Carpathians.

We are opening an application for participation in the spring stage of the "Recover" project for families in which one of the parents was taken away by the war, as well as those who lost their homes. This race will take place on April 3-10, at the Reikartz Karpaty hotel in the midst of picturesque mountains. We invite families with children up to 18 years old. Hurry up to apply for participation in our social project!

The main goal of the "Recover" project is to help Ukrainian families who were most affected by the war and need attention and care. We are talking about families in which one of the parents was taken away by the war, as well as those who lost their homes.

We strive to provide them with psychological help, to provide them with a moral reset and mental recovery after the tragic events they experienced. In the end, find the strength to live on.
The Foundation's team, together with the involved specialists, developed a program for restoring emotional health, which includes: art therapy, painting, sculpting, sports sessions, entertainment with animators and a talent contest.

As part of the project, each family receives free accommodation in comfortable rooms, three meals a day at the hotel restaurant, psychological support from specialists and volunteers, as well as gifts.

So far, we have managed to heal more than 500 families and provide them with the necessary support.

The first stage of the "Renew" project took place in the summer of 2022 in Bukovel. About 200 families underwent emotional rehabilitation in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains. The 24/7 Foundation team worked to make the program interesting and to separate families from the tragic events they experienced for a few days. The participants of the project received a full-fledged rest, excursions, soothing and educational lessons and master classes, relaxation on the river bank and the opportunity to forget for a few days about all the troubles they faced in recent months.

"I saw the eyes of the children and the gratitude of the mothers whom we were able to help. They were thankful that they were able to sleep and rest from constant air worries. Children danced, ran, sculpted, went on excursions. It seemed that they were doing banal things, but now, in the war, it was very useful for them. I want the children to smile more, and to give them a little bit of their childhood," said Foundation volunteer Nataliya Prykhodko.

We conducted the second and third stages of the "Recover" project in Transcarpathia.

In the third race, mainly the families of the fallen heroes took part, so this stage seemed extremely difficult emotionally, they spent a lot of time working with a psychologist.

"We will not return a peaceful life to these people, but we will be able to give them a second breath so that mothers can show their children by their positive example that life goes on. Children are our future, and if they are morally depressed, then the future will be in great question," Nataliya Prykhodko shared.

The team of the Vadym Stolar Foundation is already actively preparing for the fourth stage of the "Recover" project, which we plan to organize in the spring. In the future, we will certainly implement the emotional recovery program and other initiatives related to the psychological support of Ukrainians.

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