We continue the column of video advice for internally displaced persons from the lawyer of our Foundation, Kristina Pryk

We continue the column of video advice for internally displaced persons from the lawyer of our Foundation, Kristina Pryk

We continue the column of video advice for internally displaced persons from the lawyer of our Foundation, Kristina Pryk

Last Friday, Christina told us about the changes regarding IDP benefit payments from March 1, 2024. In particular, she told about the categories of IDPs whose payments will be extended automatically. Today, our lawyer talks about the criteria, the presence of which will allow continuation of payments for the family based on the relevant application.

If the conditions specified by Christina in the video are met, then we proceed to the next mandatory criteria. The right to continuation of assistance upon application has:

A family consisting of a person who does not work and takes care of a child under the age of 14, or a family in which 3 or more children under the age of 18 are raised (all children must live in the family and not be raised in residential institutions) ;

- a family that actually lives in the territory of hostilities;

- a family living in the territory for which the date of the end of hostilities is determined, or the territory that is not included in the list of these territories, BUT there is no place in preschool education institutions and/or general secondary education institutions of this community or education is conducted online ( in whole or in part).

·A family consisting of:

- a person who is not working and has registered at the employment center as unemployed or as a job seeker, in particular to receive a study voucher, but has not yet found employment;

- children who attend preschool education institutions and/or study in general secondary education institutions, and/or children who study in professional (vocational-technical), professional pre-higher and higher education institutions.

A family that includes a person who takes care of:

- a person with a disability of group I;

- a child with a disability under the age of 18;

- a person with a disability of group I or II due to a mental disorder;

- a person who has reached the age of 80;

- a child suffering from severe perinatal damage to the nervous system, severe congenital malformations, rare orphan diseases, oncological, oncohematological diseases, infantile cerebral palsy, severe mental disorders, diabetes mellitus type I (insulin-dependent), acute or chronic kidney diseases of the IV degree, which received a serious injury, needs an organ transplant, needs palliative care, who has not been diagnosed with a disability, which is documented.

The right to continued assistance is available to a family consisting of able-bodied persons who work, carry out entrepreneurial activities/independent professional activities, in particular, who, during the previous six months of receiving assistance, were employed, registered as a self-employed person and started a relevant activity, or received assistance for gaining economic independence /micro-grant/grant for creation or development of own business/voucher for education, and the family includes children under 14 years of age.

In this case, the aid is assigned to all persons from among the IDPs in such a family.

We draw your attention: if there are several unemployed persons in the family, within a month from the date of granting the allowance for the next six-month period, other able-bodied persons who are not employed in the family (except one recipient of the allowance) must register in the employment center as unemployed or as jobseekers, in particular to obtain a study voucher, or to start an activity.

If this condition is not met, payments will be stopped.

In order to continue payments, it is necessary to submit an application either in electronic form through the Diya application, or directly to the social protection body, the authorized person of the executive body of the village, township, city council, or TsNAP.

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