We continue to provide defenders with high-tech equipment

We continue to provide defenders with high-tech equipment

We continue to provide defenders with high-tech equipment

The military recently received another UAV from the Vadym Stolar Charitable Foundation. Moreover, as the volunteers note, it is endowed with unique functionality and produced in Ukraine. As Vadym Stolar himself emphasizes, the Foundation will continue to provide defenders with high-tech equipment that helps save their lives.


Vadym Stolar explained the importance of handing over drones to the military

"We have already delivered drones for the needs of the front several times, but this time we have a new experience, because we are handing over UAVs of a qualitatively new model. This drone is made in Ukraine, and I am proud that we have such examples of domestic production. We understand the need for such high-tech equipment on the front line, so the Foundation has allocated more than 2 million hryvnias for its purchase," emphasized Vadym Stolar, the founder of the Foundation.

The Vadym Stolar Foundation gave details about the equipment provided to the defenders

"Now there is no doubt that the maximum support of the military is the key to the Victory of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, this direction has become a priority for our Foundation, and within the framework of the "++ for the Armed Forces" project, fighters at the front received a large list of seasonal clothing, ammunition and equipment, including 32 special vehicles and 326 units of high-tech equipment. This time, thanks to the efforts of the Foundation, another UAV was purchased and handed over to the defenders," said Nataliya Prykhodko, a volunteer of the Vadym Stolar Foundation.

According to her, the provided drone is unique and has a "certain feature", which, however, cannot be disclosed so that the enemy does not take advantage of it.

"I am sure that the unique characteristics of this unmanned aerial vehicle will greatly help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And we, at the request of the military, will continue to transfer this and other equipment needed by the defenders," emphasized Nataliya Prykhodko.

Vadym Stolar and the Foundation founded by him received sincere thanks from the military for the provided UAV

"Thank you to the Vadym Stolar Foundation for the provided drone that will help us destroy the occupiers. This is a very important means of aerial reconnaissance, thanks to which the territory of Ukraine will be liberated," said the military man who received the UAV.

It should be noted that among the high-tech equipment already received by the military from the Foundation, in addition to unmanned aerial vehicles, there are also specialized anti-drone systems, thermal imagers, video cameras, etc.

Why drones are so important in modern warfare

In recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles have gained wide popularity in the military as a tool for surveillance and reconnaissance. UAVs have a number of advantages over traditional manned aircraft for such purposes.

Due to their compact size and quiet operation, they are ideal for covert operations. They can also stay in the air for long periods and be equipped with sensors and cameras to collect data from various sources. In addition, UAVs are much more affordable than manned aircraft, which is an economic advantage.

The Vadym Stolar Foundation understands the benefits of drones well, so they pay special attention to providing them to defenders on the front lines.

The development of artificial intelligence technology has led to the creation of a new generation of autonomous drones capable of operating independently and performing missions without human intervention. This opened up many opportunities, in particular for the military.

Autonomous UAVs can perform a number of tasks, including reconnaissance, surveillance, intelligence gathering, and even be used as weapons. They are incredibly versatile and can operate in a variety of locations, in hostile environments where human personnel will be at risk.

Their autonomous capabilities make them ideal for missions that require quick response and decision-making. They can autonomously detect targets, track movements and react quickly. The use of autonomous drones in military conflicts could change the way wars are fought.

List of aid to the military from the Vadym Stolar Foundation

Starting from February 2022, the fighters systematically receive substantial assistance from the Vadym Stolar Foundation. As previously reported, for the needs of the defenders, in general, the following was handed over:

  • 245,590 portions of hot food;
  • 30,240 units of medicines;
  • 34,130 units of military equipment, tools and clothing;
  • 326 units of high-tech equipment;
  • 32 units of specialized SUVs and armored vehicles.

In addition, the Vadym Stolar Foundation provides housing for military personnel and their family members, as well as implements a number of social projects for them.

"I consider it very important to provide the military with everything necessary, in particular - drones, because thanks to them, you can conduct reconnaissance and detect enemy positions - and, therefore, save people's lives. So we will definitely continue to transfer UAVs, anti-drone systems, thermal imagers and other high-tech equipment that helps our soldiers bring the Victory of Ukraine closer," Vadym Stolar summarized.

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