Stories of the strong

Stories of the strong

Stories of the strong

We continue to work on a new volunteer project - a book "Stories of the Strong"!


The stories of the strong we plan to gather will be published in a book that each of you can write.


The present of Ukraine is a horror film script. Every story of a Ukrainian's life is a personal blockbuster. It is impossible to forget, it hurts to tell, but the whole world should know about it! True stories of Ukrainians who are not afraid to tell what they have experienced since the invasion of the occupiers.


This book can and will serve as an evidence base in The Hague. Apologies will be asked for this book. Its pages will be filled with horrible facts, pain and sorrow, because the paper endures everything. This book should be our talisman!

Let's write together about everything that IDPs are going through, about the heroism of our defenders, about the power of volunteers, about the pain of loss…


Send us your stories to [email protected] or fill out the form.


The world needs to know our #історіїсильних !

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