Humanitarian mission of Ukraine

Humanitarian mission of Ukraine

Humanitarian mission of Ukraine

Today, about 5 million IDPs are officially registered in Ukraine, and according to international estimates, the number of internally displaced persons exceeds 7 million citizens.

These people were forced to leave their homes in the war zone, and some have nowhere to return to because their homes have been destroyed. Nowadays, many displaced people in Lviv have found their island of safety in equipped shelters and modular towns.

During the humanitarian mission, we visited a shelter where about 400 Ukrainians live. This shelter was arranged by philanthropists with local authorities on the basis of a student dormitory. Inside the shelter, everything works like a well-coordinated mechanism: someone works in the kitchen and prepares dinners, someone works with the children in the children's room, someone monitors safety and order.

We donated food aid and tennis tables for quality leisure time at the shelter. And most importantly, they had a warm conversation with the settlers.

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