February 24. The day that changed us.

February 24. The day that changed us.

February 24. The day that changed us.

Today, we want to thank everyone who, with their actions, brings the victory of Ukraine closer every day:https://youtu.be/6sLsoCKUzNo

We thank the military for protecting our freedom, for the opportunity to live in a free country, for quiet nights, for every kilometer of liberated territories and the blue and yellow flag over our cities. Finally, thank you for your courage! You are the superheroes of the 21st century!

Thank you to the doctors for saving lives, fighting for every heartbeat despite all circumstances, for humanity and professionalism!

We thank the energy workers for working 24/7, for becoming real "warriors of light" for Ukrainians in a period when darkness reigned all around!

We thank the railway workers who helped Ukrainians escape from hot spots by evacuating them to safer regions, for the smiles and the words: "Peaceful road"

Thank you to the employees of the State Emergency Service for working beyond the limits of human capabilities, for saving thousands of lives and modestly: "It's just our job"

Thank you to all the volunteers who have become a reliable support for the military and civilians!

We thank every Ukrainian for their indomitable spirit! Yes, the year was difficult, but Ukrainians persevered. Now the whole world stands by and admires the courage of the nation of the free.

Watch and share the video about our struggle on the volunteer front! Glory to Ukraine!

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