My husband defended Azovstal

My husband defended Azovstal

Stolar Fund Widow of Hero from Azovstal

Widow of Hero from Azovstal

It is so strange to write the story of your life…

I am 27. I have lived in Mariupol all my life. In 2017, I met a brave man. It's love at first sight. His name was Maxim. He could have been 32 this year. He was a border guard, very balanced and devoted to his country.

I dreamed of a family that would be an example for everyone. And so it happened. We got married six months later, and on Maksym's birthday I gave him a son, Kyril, who is now 4 years old. We were together for almost 5 years and those were the best years of my life. We bought a home in Mariupol, traveled, enjoyed every day.


The war began. Maksym insisted that I take a car and immediately leave the city with the child. So we went to Vinnytsia to his parents. Alone with a small child at 5 in the morning. Of course, Maksym stayed, he didn't even consider options to leave the city, he really wanted to protect the city where our love was born.

During the period of hostilities, the building in which our apartment was located had 16 direct hits. Russian soldiers lived there, who looted it and almost destroyed it.

Maxim periodically contacted me, each time he assured me that he would return alive, that he would never leave us, and that everything would be fine. And we waited and prayed.

Stolar Fund Widow of Hero from Azovstal


An aerial bomb in Azovstal fell exactly on the building where my husband and his brothers were. He could stand anything, but he couldn't stand concrete. On the 78th day of the war, Maxim's heart stopped. We were able to bury him on June 10 in Vinnytsia.

He was a true patriot. He believed in the victory of Ukraine. I am proud to be a Hero's wife. Now I'm made of steel too. I am raising my son, now, unfortunately, alone. I work and dream of returning home.

I live for the sake of the memory of my husband, for the sake of my son and myself. I believe in a better future. I think that every woman who has lost a loved one should live and give love to her children. We will definitely win.