I was not drafted into the AFU

I was not drafted into the AFU

Anton Dombrovsky history

February 24

The war caught me very unexpectedly and untimely, on the night of 23-24, I sat in the middle of the night packing my own products, so unfortunately I founded the Antoshkin food brand, and on February 24 I had to distribute it in stores, a lot of energy went and preparation to start the process. But... At about 8 am, everyone started knocking and calling me. I was so tired that I wanted to rest a bit, did not open the door to anyone, and turned off the phone. Still thought what could happen? But after an hour of continuous knocking on the door, I nervously opened it. On the threshold stood a pale father, who said the only thing "The war has begun." I was shocked, couldn't believe it? I watch the news and understand that it really is a war.

Where to run?

The phone starts to break from the cancellation of orders, from loved ones, everyone is running away, everyone is panicking. I call a friend, we start thinking what to do ... there is no reason to run away, and it's not humane, we decided to go to the army. The queue at the military enlistment office was impressive, we were delighted with the Ukrainians! In order not to stand in line, I decided to use the connections and called a friend of the serviceman with a request to "promote" me in the Armed Forces. They met and opened my eyes to you. Well, I think it's good. It's time to look for where I can be useful. It didn't take long, almost immediately I saw a number of people seeking shelter, who lost their homes or were forced to flee.
Центр біженців у Германії

The war changed everything ...

The decision came immediately - We need to stop production and convert all the shops to refugee shelters. Literally in the night everything was done, and in the morning the first settlers came to us. We support them with everything we can - food, clothing, medicine, housing. After some time, I realized that the most difficult thing for children morally and to save their psyche is to work hard. What shall I do? The meeting with Oleksiy Zavhorodny (Positiv) prompted the decision. Well, you need to make an event with gifts and animators. This event has become an all-Ukrainian project "Children to Children" and is currently actively developing. We continue to hold holidays, events and competitions for children from all regions of Ukraine. After all, children are the future of our nation.