The first meeting of the women's club

The first meeting of the women's club

The first meeting of the women's club

We got to know each other, had a warm conversation, and with the help of pictures on the Metaphorical Association Maps, we looked for the key to the door to our subconscious.

This is how the first meeting of the "ZhinochnaYa" club took place last Saturday, the speaker of which was Nataliya Sukhomlyn - analytical psychologist, certified specialist in work with the IAC. Natalia demonstrated the possibilities of this interesting psychologist's tool to the participants of the meeting. And, using IAC, she helped women solve problems and situations that worried them.

Our women's club meets every Saturday. Every time we prepare a new relevant topic for our participants, we attract an interesting speaker who shares his knowledge and teaches something new.

If you want to participate in the club meetings, follow the announcements on our social media pages.

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