The defenders received four more pickup trucks from Vadym Stolar Foundation

The defenders received four more pickup trucks from Vadym Stolar Foundation

The defenders received four more pickup trucks from Vadym Stolar Foundation

Vadym Stolar sees assistance to the military as his priority

“Our priority is systematic assistance to the military, aimed at facilitating performance of combat tasks and preserving health and lives of soldiers” Vadym Stolar emphasizes. “We understand well that the future of Ukraine directly depends on the actions and successes of military at the front, therefore, we try to process and fulfill all their requests for assistance from the first day of large-scale aggression".

The team of Vadym Stolar Foundation - about donated cars

As noted in the Foundation, three cars that fighters received this time will go to the "Freedom" battalion, which is a part of the 4th brigade of operational assignment, military base 3018 of National Guard. Another one will work in a separate special purpose group "Foxis" of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

"Pickup trucks are in great demand at the front because of their features such as capacity, speed and maneuverability. However, these features also have a downside, ordinary civilian vehicles have no protection, are constantly being damaged in combat and are often cannot be repaired at all. Therefore, request from military for this equipment is constant. From our side, we are trying to satisfy this request as much as possible", Nataliia Prykhodko said, a volunteer of Vadym Stolar Foundation.

According to her, in addition to trucks, in the conditions of the onset of cold and dark season, the representatives of CF handed over sleeping bags and flashlights to defenders.

Military appreciates pickup trucks, which help to solve many urgent tasks in hot spots

"Such trucks are irreplaceable at the front due to their high cross-country ability and capacious truck body. These features allow to bring reinforcements and ammunition to the front very quickly in difficult conditions. Also, and not less important, such pickup trucks help effectively in evacuating the wounded", military serviceman Andrii Zadorozhnii admitted.

He added that constant support from volunteers and charities is very important to defenders on the front lines.

"Thank you, Vadym Stolar Foundation and all the volunteers who help the army, to bring Victory closer! Today, more than ever, every hryvna and effort are important, because heavy battles continue at the front. Thanks to your timely support, we can beat the enemy more effectively, liberating Ukraine from the russian invaders," Oleksandr emphasized, a soldier of the third battalion of the fourth brigade.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion to Ukraine defenders have received 43274 units of various military equipment and tools, 567 units of high-tech machinery including unmanned aerial vehicles and anti-drone systems, 55 units of pickup trucks, SUVs, armored vehicles cars, vibratory rollers and motor boats from Vadym Stolar Foundation.

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